Monday, June 27, 2016

Water Demons, June 6, 2016


Alllll the way on the other side of the world it's getting chilly but everything is just swell! 

So the top story of this week is that i think our chapel is possed by a water demon or something.....Soooo for the past 3 baptisms the font won't drain by itself so we have had to empty it with buckets which is sooooooo cold! (btw that means that out of all the baptisms that i've had on mission, i haven't had to drain the font with buckets only a total of 2 times....) hahaha And then we have these huuuuge tanks that store all the water outside in front of the chapel and one has been pouring water out of a little hole in the top and it's definitely not supposed to do that and it's liike flooding all the grass in front of the chapel, and then the sprinklers all are turning on randomly and flooding everywhere AND THEN  all of the water in the chapel isn't working.....AND THEN (this wasnt the water demons fault it was just this funny members fault named Senzo) Last sacrament meeting i guess that Senzo heard that the water wasn't working in the chapel so he wanted to test it...but instead of going to a drinking fountain or something like that, he went to the huuuuge fire hose that we have in a closet near the chapel...soooo he turned it on like full blast and the hose is whipping around in the hallway and he's getting sOAKED and trying to turn it off with no luck and the rest of us are just sitting in the chapel singing a hymn having noooo idea what is going on outside of those doors until water starts to seap into the chapel...hahaha so we all run out into the hall and the branch president grabs the hose and runs it out the front door while we turn it off...then we spent the rest of sacrament meeting cleaning up the mess...hahahaha sooo water has been kinda an issue lately! But on saturday me and elder gumbo spent a couple of hours at the chapel fixing all of the sprinklers, fixing the big tank, and making water run into the chapel again. We need a plumber to fix the font but the area manager is being super weird about it soooo we may be emptying fonts with buckets for the rest of our lives! ;)

Also we did service this week for a lady in the ladysmith branch and we were chopping down little trees and whilst the missionaries were there we broke one axe, one hedge trimmer, and Elder Knudsen (Knoodles now thanks to me) completely swung and missed the tree and sliced through one of the poles in her fence.... i will never call the elders to do service at my house....hahaha

Anyways that's the stories that i wanted to tell you today! I love you all so much! The work is really moving forward and i'm sure that it's all thanks to your prayers and your love that you are showing to me! I couldn't do it without all of you! :)

Love youuuuu

Elder Eastmond

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