Tuesday, January 26, 2016

top of the Mornin to ya

I don't know why I capitilized mornin and nothing else in the letter heading...also I don't know how to spell capitilized either....and it's too hard to right click on the word and fix it so there ya go. capitilized.

This week has just been swell! :) Typically it should be the last week of the transfer but because of weird things that I don't understand, this transfer is 7 weeks long. So 1 more week! 

So first things first, we had interviews with mission President! That went really really well! It's always great to see President cause he doesn't come to Richards Bay that much! The interview just went so swell and something we talked about was if he thought that I was ready to leave this area. Sooo most likely I will be going to a new area at the end of this transfer! Which is good and bad! It's my first area so obviously I will ALWAYS love it! I love the members so much here and I'm going to miss them like CRAZY! However I'm SO ready to start in a new area and see what it has for me! :) Change is always good! It keeps you on your toes! I've realized that problems always seem to come up when a missionary gets to comfortable! So by next monday I will know if/where I am going and next tuesday is when I roll out! 

So something pretty scary happened to one of our members this week. It was Tuesday and we got a call from Sazi Mthalani (an RM whos waaaay cool) and he said that his mom had been having seizures and asked us to come give her a blessing. We were not around the area at the time so we couldn't make it at the time but the next day we went over to see what was happening. Sazi said that His mother was taken to the hospital. She had 8 seizures in the course of the day. She's okay but now her memory is suuuper fuzzy. She couldn't even remember who my companion was and he's been her for 6 months now...so we gave her a blessing and we are praying that she will be able to recover. She's the sweetest lady in the world and always takes care of us. She feeds us every week and is just the nicest lady ever. If I can ask for all of your prayers for Ma Mthalani that would be wonderful! It will help so much! :)

So i don't know if any of you remember Quiniso. Me and Elder Aygeman were teaching him and we even had him a baptisimal date but then he had to leave for a loooong time for the holidays so we thought that it was just not going to happen...however he just came back and me and Elder Chitate have been teaching him and I just challenged him to baptism again! He said yes! He will be baptized on the 14th of Feb. So I might now be around to see it but it's just nice to see hard work pay off! :) 

One of the biggest things that I've learned on my mission so far is to just completely rely on the lord. I think it's just really really come into perspective for me that everything truely is in God's hands. I think giving blessings and stuff like that has just helped me so much. It's amazing to see the miracles that come from blessings. I've literally seen pain stopped INSTANTLY because of blessings. God really does know us and care for each and everyone of us and knows exactly what we are going through! But anyways just thought that I would share that! :)

I love you all so much! I'm having the time of my life and mission is just swell! :)

Love Elder Eastmond

Monday, January 18, 2016

Elephant flu

So the christmas package just got here!!! Thank you all so much for your letters and all of the amazing presents! I loved them so so much! :)

Eeish this week has been HECTIC!! I'm still happy though because it's literally impossible to be sad when you are surrounded by Africans 24/7. I'll say is now and I'll say it again, these people know how to LIVE! But yeah I've been suuuuper duper sick this entire week. I think it's the Elephant flu! ;) But yeah on Wednesday as soon as we went to the area I just started feeling suuuper light headed and frrreeeezing even though it was like 90 degrees outside...so that was pretty crazy. On thursday was supposed to do exchanges with the zone leaders but i was suuuper duper sick so we just had to sit in the boarding the entire daaaayyyyyy.... which is such a drag. I just want to be out there working now sitting at home. But there are some sweeeet medicines here that work miracles and I'm feeling a whoooole lot better now. But yeah...there wasn't that many lessons or experiences that happened this week cause i was just taking it easy trying to get better!

Also, lightning struck our electric fence and now our power is being suuper crazy and shutting off and stuff, also our zone got in a total of 3 car accidents in the past 2 weeks.. none of which I was in...so that's good :) and everyone is okay... so that's good :)

We got to go to another game park this morning!! It was waaaayyy better than last time! We saw giraffes, soooo many elephants including baby elephants, hyenas which is suuper duper rare, and what's even more rare, WE SAW A CHEETAH which for those of you who don't konw is my favorite animal in the entire world. Still haven't seen a lion but Cheetahs are way cooler anyways ;)

Sooo yeah that's honestly my week..I'm sorry that this isn't longer but not much happened... hahaha


Love Elder Eastmond :D

Monday, January 11, 2016

    A classic African sunset

A house on fire a couple 
weeks ago. That was sad. Andl
 like 4 houses have burned 
down since then...

The best district picture of all time in front of the Bakki

This iiiissss a skatepark...that said skate 4 jesus...so obviously we took a pic

 Just a grass field. that's all.

These are some sweeeet picutres that we took in a huuuuuge forest in Port Dunford area. It's
 about 30 minutes away from my area but there are trees like this allll over the place. 
SO pretty! :)

Everything is Awesome!


This week has been wonderful! Festive season is actually starting to wear off and I feel like myself again! Last week was tough I'm not going to lie but things are now back to normal! :) 

I actually taught Lesson one this past week! I honestly can't even remember the last time that I taught lesson one! So it just felt sooooo good! :) The lady wasn't even that interested but I know that she will come along soon enough! She's a suuuper funny lady! I can't remember her name right now but she has 2 kids and the baby is so freaking funny!

We found this AMAZING family but they are going to Joburg for 3 months so i probably won't see them again...that was kinda sad! The gogo is a blind lady and she's sooo great! Then she has a daughter who has 2 kids who are just the funniest ever! one is 11 and talks sooooo much she is so funny! And another is just this little baby who was just soooo facinated by me! She wouldn't stop staring at me! ahhaha it was so funny! Probably cause I'm white! ;) 

So I saw Tanner Clegg! For those of you who don't know him he went to my school, he did film, and he is 1 grade above me. He's serving in Johannesburg. But we went to a funeral of an old lady named Sister Moloi and Elder Clegg was there! Apparently his companion is Elder Moloi and is the grandson to the lady that died. So they had to drive 8 hours from joburg to come to the funeral! But it was just SOOOO sweet to see him and talk to him for awhile! We took pics on his camera and he's going to email them to me so I'll send them! Always good to see an old friend from home though! ESPECIALLY in SOUTH AFRICA!! Small world!

Recently I've just been reading all of the talks from conference! We just got the liahona with all of them so it's been awesome to read them since we didn't get to see most of conference. I actually can't remember any of the talks as of this moment...or else I would share something but yeah... hahaha

Church attendance was AWESOME!! 72! Best it's ever been! But during Gospel Studies class all of a sudden out of nowhere a huuuuuge debate came up of languages. The Zulu culture is VERY prideful of their language so some people were arguing that it should be in all zulu and other people were saying that we should do english and it was just pretty crazy. It went on for like 20 minutes and I was kinda sick of it so I finally just stood up and walked in front of everyone and instantly everyone went silent because I am the only person in the whole branch that doesn't understand Zulu. So then I just sat there and bore my testimony so hard and told them that the holy ghost doesn't speak zulu or english but it speaks to our hearts and i just went on for like 5 minutes and then I sat down and it shut everyone up...ahahahah but that was probably one of the most spiritual moments that I've had on my mission. The spirit was just so strong there! It was awesome! :)

I love you guys all sooooo very much! Thanks for all of the prayers and support. Be sure to like and retweet this email ;)

Love Elder Eastmond