Monday, June 27, 2016

Right now my fingers are so cold that they are about to fall off because i'm wearing those gloves with the fingers cut off becuase i can type with them but i'm basically not wearing gloves at all because the reason a person wears gloves is to warm their fingers and if the fingers are cut off then what's the point??? June 13, 2016


I can see my breath right now...they don't really get snow here but it definitely feels like it should be snowing outside. And silly old me thought Africa could never ever get cold.....

Last night i slept on my neck really bogusly and it hurts real bad and so i'm sitting at my computer with my head resting on my left shoulder becuase it hurts to lift it up like a normal human being.

Currently my voice is also like completely gone because yesterday was insane. Let me explain.

So this thursday the branch is having a huge youth activity and the branch president put me and elder gumbo on a committee of other youths to come up with some games and stuff that we could play. So after church a ton of us went to the Zwane house (THE BEST HOUSE EVER) and we basically just played a bunch of crazy games together. And let me tell you...playing games in africa is not the same as playing games in America....hahahaha if you don't have a thick skin then playing in africa isn't for you...hahahaha it was so funny if a person messes up in a game people just go crazzzzyyy laughing and screaming and jumping around the room like maniacs so that's what my entire day consisted of yesterday. It was way too much fun! I taught them signs if any of you know what that is but they freaking loved it and we played it for hours! 

Sooooo we are preparing a lot of our investigators for baptism on not this sunday but the next sunday...i don't know what date that is.... but yeah! and a lot of them seem to be on track!

So there is Sister Nomusa. She's like 30 something and a really sweet lady. She wasn't coming to church for a long time but then me and elder gumbo gave a fire lesson about the sabbath day and gave her some tough love and she's been coming ever since! 

Then there is Muhle's Aunt. Muhle is the 25 year old girl that we baptized my first week in ezakheni and now her aunt is super interested and is suuuper powerful! She's so smart and does everything that we ask her to do!

Then there are soooooo many 12 to 16 year old boys that we are teaching. This ones kinda tough cause we teach them all together and sometimes some of them don't show up and sometimes they we don't know exactly who knows what but we know at least 3 of them are almost ready to be baptized! 

But yeah it's awesome!!! 

The water demon is still possessing our's something new every single time we come. I'm going to be a master plumber when i get back home ;) We are having some "goodbye" interviews with president Zackrison tomorrow! He is leaving at the end of this month. So crazy that he is leaving! It will be interesting to see how the mission changes when the new President gets here. 

I love you all so much! You should know that! Thanks for all of your prayers and support! I know that this church is true with all of my heart and i'm serving with all my heart mind might and strength!

Smile more!

Love Elder Eastmond

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