Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27 This email shop is always like -1 degrees celcius and it's like soooo hot outside but in here I'm still freezing to death...

Soooooooo yesterday we baptized 3 of our lovely investigators! So the first person was Sister Zanele Mhlongo (Muhle's Aunt) She's the sweetest lady ever and her 3 daughters came to see her be baptized and it was awesome. Then we baptized 2 of the boys that we have been teaching. One of them is named Sbo well that's what I call him cause his name is too long but he's a freaking funny guy and he's always laughing and cracking jokes and then the other kid is Amasweet. That's not his real name but all these kids have nick names so that's what he goes by. (one of the kid's nicknames is Skipper and he's just the craziest kid in the whole world) But these guys are both 17 and they are soooo cool and it's nice to be able to baptize some priesthood holders and maybe they will end up going on mission so that would be freaking cool! Also we had 102 people at church yesterday which is the most that I've ever had sooooo cool :) 

Also a really sweet gogo member passed away this week. Me and Elder Gumbo gave her a blessing like 2 weeks ago and she is just the cutest old lady. But the members were soooo supportive and we had the funeral at our chapel and literally we didn't have enough chairs for all of the people that came! The whole time we were running around trying to find seats for people and finding room and stuff it was hectic but awesome! Also a bunch of the members when over to the families house during the week and president had me and my companion say a few words and I was able to bear my testimony about the plan of salvation and I talked a little bit about how this life isn't always easy but it was designed that way to test us and that all of the good memories that they made with her would always be with them and that they were going to be able to make more with her for eternity and that was just really cool! I really do have such a strong testimony about the plan of salvation. I know that we used to live with our father in heaven and I know that we are literally his children and that he loves us more than anything. And I know that after we die we will be taken home to our father and live together again forever in perfect happiness! :) Nothing can take that testimony away from me!

President Thompson our new mission president will be on African Soiltomorrow! That's soooo crazy! It will be cool to meet him!

I love you all soooooo much. Each and everyone of you and you have all made such a difference in my life and helped shape me into the man that I am today! I LOVE YOU

Elder Eastmond

Sala Kahle

Stay Well

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