Friday, June 3, 2016

May 16

This week was flipping awesome as usual!!! :) At church yesterday my branch president came up to us and he's like "Elders is the church still true?" And we were like "Yes of course" And he said "well then why is the font not filled up today?" hahaha you know you are in an amazing branch when the branch president wants the font to be filled every single week! 

Next Week we will most likely be having a baptism! It will be this 16 year old girl named Sne and her 3 younger siblings! They just have to pass the interview and then everything will be set!

Last week we went to the bottom of a MASSIVE waterfall and it was one of the most beautiful places that i've ever been to in my entire life! I'll add some pictures! Way too cool! 

We found 2 more investigators the other day and we taught them lesson one and it went really really well! they are both boys in the 12th grade! Really cool!

But the best lesson that i had this week was when we were teaching Muhle's aunt. So muhle is the girl that we baptized the first week that I got here. So now we are teaching her lesson one about the restoration and that's probably my favorite lesson. It always makes me feel the spirit like crazy when I talk about joseph smith in the sacred grove! But it was just such a spiritual lesson and we had 2 members there that also bore their testimonies and it was jsut waaaayy cool! We are going to baptize here aunt in no time! She's insanely interested! 

Anyways that's really all i have to say today but I love you all so much and thank you all for your support and love! <3


Your friendly neighborhood missionary, Elder Eastmond

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