Friday, June 3, 2016

Bitten by a snake, June 1, 2016

Hahahahahahahaha did that title scare you???? I just wanted a cool excuse for emailing soooo late but to be honest it was just because it was transfers and we spent all our time driving all over Africa trying to get people to their assigned kingdoms....HECTIC.

So transfer news: Drumroll please drumdrumdrumdrumdrudmasdl;gakg;dlfkgjad;fgklajd;fgklasjdf;avdofivnavna;dflgkja;dofgaidfjga;sdlfkgjadf;lgkj

ME AND GUMBO ARE STAYING!!!! This is honestly a miracle. Nobody called us staying together because Elder Gumbo has been in this area for a pretty long time buuuuuuuuuut Miracles do happen <3 hahahaha we were soooo nervous on Saturdaynight (the night of transfer news) waiting for the zone leaders to call us. I was rolling around on the floor like an armadillo or a rolly polly or something that rolls...kinda like the day that I got my mission call waiting to open it! hahaha

Speaking of mission calls: Senzo, a kid in our branch just got him mission call! We had the pleasure of delivering it to him and filming it and I wish soooo bad that I could send you the video cause it's hilarious but alas email is bogus. But he's going to Angola. A small country on the west coast of Africa. They speak Portuguese so Gumbo was pretty excited seeing as that's his language.

In other news Elder Racotomalala (for those of you who don't remember this was the Elder In the mtc with me who is from Madagascar who I love to death) Just got called as my Zone leader!! So cool! We are only 8 1/2 months and he's already a zone leader! And remember how in the mtc he really couldn't speak English that well??? Well let me just tell you that the gift of tounges is the most real thing in the whole world. He speaks SOOOO well now it's insane! And his personality has really come out now and he just makes me die laughing! So that's gonna be really awesome to have him in my zone now!

Hahahaha so something funny that happened with these transfers is the AP's Messed up this Elder Mear's logistics soooo bad! So he is leaving this zone and he needed to get on a bus to leave. So We had to take him to the bus at 2:30 am (horrible) and when we get there he wasn't even on the we had to come back to our boarding and call the ap's to figure it out and they said to put him on another bus at 1:30pm the next we drive all the way out to the bus station again and ....he wasn't on the list....hahahahahaha so we called the ap's again and they said okay put him on a bus at9:30 tonight so AGAIN we drive all the way out to the bus station and wait and wait and bus comes....THEY TOLD US THE WRONG BUS STATION!!!! Hahahahaha so finally the Zone leaders just said okay enough we are just going to drive you they have to drive 3 hours to his area to drop him off and then 3 hours back....HECTIC.

Ummm so I had to do like the saddest thing ever on Friday...I HAD TO SAY GOOD BYE TO MY BABA ELDER AYGEMAN!!! He's home now! He flew to Ghana yesterday! Crazy right??? I'm an orphan...I'm like Bruce wayne...or peter parker....Elder Wayne? Elder Parker?? But yeah we had to put him on a bus and literally this guy is the toughest guy I've ever met in my entire life. He literally doesn't cry about he dislocated his arm whilst playing soccer and didn't freak out at all... just sat there.... BUT HE ALMOST CRIED WHEN WE WERE SAYING GOODBYE!! He had to go into the bus to cover it up and I was like, "Oh my gosh the patriarch of the mission almost just cried" You would probably have more luck finding a mermaid holding a 4 leaf clover than see him that really showed me how sad it is to leave mission. This place is HOME. Cray cray.

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCCCCCCHHHHHHHH!!!! Make someone smile today, tell someone that you love them, and do something that scares you once a day. That's how you grow!


Elder Eastmond

Abe Ngesonto Omkhulu (Have a great week!)  

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