Monday, June 27, 2016

June 20, 2016 We had a youth activity and it was waaaaayyyy fun and my team lost at tug of war but it's okay because i still got a candy.

 This week was really really good and it flewwww by. 

So the best part of this week was on thursday. It was a holiday so our branch had a huuuuge youth activity at the chapel. The branch president basically had me and Gumbo plan the entire thing so that was pretty fun! There are soooo many freaking kids there and that's why i love this branch so much! But we didn't have our car for awhile this week so we had to take Taxi's everywhere and that was insane....if you think of a yellow cab when i say taxi then you couldn't be any more wrong.....It's like this big white van thing that they PACK full of people and they are just crazy and the place where they all park is called a taxi rank and basically if you want to go to the sketchiest place in the entire world, go to a taxi rank in South Africa. hahaha but it all went smoothly and i have my beautiful bakki back now so it's all good! :)

We are going to most likely baptize Muhle's aunt, Sister Nomusa and some of the boys this week so pray that everything will go well! haha :)

Also i can't remember if i talked about this last week but when we were riding with some elders to a zone training meeting the bumper of their car just popped off and was just dragging across the road so we pulled over and had to rip it off and instead of helping i was filming and laughing my head off...i'll send pictures! hahaha

Also the power went out in our boarding a couple nights ago right when we were all cooking so i ate half cooked pasta with freezing cold sauce and gumbo ate a half cooked chicken (so gross) and right when we were done the power came back on....someone is playing games with us! ;)

I love you all so much and i couldn't do this work without all of you support! :)

Loves, Elder Eastmond

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