Monday, May 2, 2016


Helloooooo one and all! :) Obviously I love all of you and wish you the best in all of your endeavours! I know that is spelled wrong but I'm going to leave it there...right clicking is just so much work...

SO first things first obviously..............................................................................THIS WEEK WAS THE GROUND BREAKING FOR THE ONE AND ONLY DURBAN TEMPLE!!!!! Okay sooooo the grounds for the temple is just SUCH a beautiful spot!! It's on a hill just looking over this huuuuge valley and it's right next to all of these beautiful neighborhoods with gorgeous houses but they are going to all be put to shame when The temple is done! The temple is going to look PERFECT! Obviously. All temples are just perfect. Inside and out. <3 

So we had the Africa South East Area Presidency all there and Carl B. Cook was the one presiding and he was the one who offered the Prayer and it was just perfect! A lot of the speakers talked about how the temple was going to take 3 years to be built and worked on and how those three years were a time for all of us to work on ourselves and be completely ready to enter into the holy temple when it's completed. It was just soooo beautiful and the whole place was sooo packed and you could just feel such an amazing spirit there!! All of these members have had to sacrifice soooo much if they wanted to go to the temple! They would have to pay sooo much to get a bus to the Johannesburg Temple and then take a looonnng ride to get there and everything but now it's RIGHT THERE!!! It's so exciting and humbling! Utahns! Don't take all of those temples right next to you for granted! You can drive for 20 minutes in any direction and you'll see one so take advantage of that amazing oppourtunity!!! And I'm sooooo grateful for the oppourtunity that I was able to be there and witness such a historic event. I'll never forget it for the rest of my life! 

I brought a little bottle and scooped up some of the dirt so now I will have the temple dirt forever! hahaha people thought that was pretty clever;)

uuummmmm in other news, every single elder on this entire continent has the flu right now and somehow I'm the black sheep and don't have it yet sooooo fingers crossed, knock on wood, all that jaz. 

Annnnd it's the last week of the transfer!! Maybe my last week With Elder Frederick I don't know! But I've had such an amazing time with him and he's taught me so much. We've been working hard hard hard and it's just been amazing! Next week i'll give you all the deets on what's happening!

Also we played tennis again all day today and it was AMAZING!

Love you all!! Don't worry so much, just stop, relax, take a deep breath, think of a platipus or something funny looking like that, and continue! Don't forget to laugh and smile AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!! We aren't even humans if we don't laugh we are just robots! ;) 

Love you all!!! Stay sweet, stay safe, and stay swell!

Elder Eastmond!

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