Monday, May 2, 2016


Ummmmm yeah I've never seen a place quite as spectacular as Ezekheni...

In these 5 days that I've been here I've seen 3 waterfalls, drove the best missionary vehicle of all time, have the best companion of all time, had 1 baptism, prepared 2 people for baptism next week, taught like 9 investigators, had some yogurt,  made 39285745698 new friends, and the list goes on and on.

President Zackrison called this the Best branch in the mission and he wasn't lying! It honestly should be a ward but all of the other places around it are a branch sooooo it has to stay a branch. But we get 100 or more people at church almost every week, The branch president is an RM and just the sickest guy I've ever met, there are SOOOO MANY YOUTH which is amazing, all the people just have soooo many refferals for us and so many friends that want us to teach them, like honestly everysingle day is just packed. I've never been more tired in my entire life! ahhaha but it's such a good tired!

So obviously I can't take credit for the baptism that just happened yesterday but it's just a sign that this area is flourishing. It's been such a long time since I've been able to witness a baptism. But let me tell you, this baptism was hectic!!! Aren't they all??? I always feel like there are crazy baptism stories. Honestly I should just remember to always bring a swim suit when we are going to have one...hahahaha

So we went suuuper early to go and clean the font (btw we have a BEAUTIFUL CHAPEL, not a school or a tin can, and it has a BEAUTIFUL FONT) and then fill the font. So we get it all cleaned no problem and then we turn on all of the water. and it's filling up no problem. So we leave it filling to go and type the baptisimal program. once we finish that we go and check on the font again and the water is like FILTHY GREEN BROWN NASTINESS. So that's not good... So we find out it's just cause the hot water is contaminated or something idk so we just need to fill it with cold water, so we are like okay lets drain it. So we pull the plug but none of the water is draining....we even get a huge stick to see if we can unplug I look for like a pump or what do missionaries do when they need to empty the font and the drain isn't working and there are no pumps??? Idk why don't you ask the members in Esikhawini?? They saw me doing it a million times. USE BUCKETSSSSS!!! So we take off our suit coats, roll up our pants and take these tiiiiny little buckets, fill them up with water, then run the entire length of the chapel, out the front door, dump the water over and over and over again! Finally we emptied it after like an hour and a half of running back and forth but then we had to fill the baptisimal font up in an hour with only one we opened up a closet and found a biiiig fire hose! So we ran that through the whole chapel, stuck it in the font and filled the font no problem! well I wouldn't call that whole situation "no problem" hahaha but then the water was FREEZING and the lady screamed when she came out of the water! hahahaha it was funny! But everything went well and there has been another sheep to join God's fold!

Also everynight I sleep there are like ten million mosquitos that chow me so that's fun. I've tried that old wives tale of covering myself in vanilla extract and that works perfectly! Thank you old wives.

Also Gumbo is the best companion of all time and I was able to see my Baba Elder Aygeman!! He's in our zone and he's going home this transfer so I'm glad I get to be around him one more time! Geez I love that guy like crazy!!!

I was sooo stoked to send pictures buuuut this internet café doesn't have an sd card slot and I didn't bring my cord sooo next week???

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! This really is the only true church on the earth and I know without a doubt that we we are obedient to the lords teachings that we really will be blessed!

So stay blessed!!!

Love Elder Eastmond

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