Monday, May 2, 2016


THE BABY IS ALMOST HEEEERRRREEEEEE I'M SO EXCITED I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HEEERRRRRRR/him??? ;) I love you familia! I'm so glad that everything is going so well! It sounds like everything is just fantastic!

This week was a whole lot better!!! My companion is much much better and we were able to actually get out of the house and do some work! 

But the biggest highlight was obviously conference!! I wasn't able to watch all of fact we only got to see the Saturday morning and afternoon which was soooo good but I heard that Sunday was amazing so I will definitely have to see that sometime soon!!

Okay yeah Saturday morning was literally like all about Africa soooo that was pretty cool wasn't it??? When Donald L. Hallstorm talked about when Elder Bednar visited Africa and they sang How Firm A Foundation??? How amazing was that??? Gave me chills! And he said that the whole congregation would recite the scriptures with him??? That's just sooo amazing! I love Africa! :)

I really really liked Kevin R. Duncans talk that was really focused on forgiveness and not holding grudges. I've had a lot of people that i've talked to say that they aren't coming to church because someone offended them or something and I've always had a problem with responding to that so it will be nice to just hand them this talk and say: "Read this. I'll see you at church next week" and walk away...hahahaha! :) A quote I really loved was when he said, "NONE of us should ever be defined by the worst things that we do." ohohoh and when he said," Forgive them, and free yourself" SO COOL! 

I LOVED IT when Ronald A Rasband talked about sustaining the leaders of the church and it was right after those people opposed too! hahahaha he definitely put them in their place ;)

Obviously Elder Bednars talk on the Holy Ghost was just amazing! I loved it when he said, "You might as well baptize a bag of sand as a man if you aren't going to have the holy ghost conferred." so so good! And it's just so true. Without the holy ghost a baptism is nothing. It's what really sets our church apart! Only we have the authority to confer the holy ghost. It was just so powerful!

Anyways this general conference has just been so special! It's always special to watch it on mission! :)

Also, soooo sick that Zimbabwe is getting a temple!! Africa is growing like wildfire!

Oh and I played tennis today and it was AMAZING!!!! I forgot to take pictures cause I was too busy destroying the other elders ;)

I love all of you so so so much! I want you to know that I have such a strong testimony of this church and of the prophet and apostles that are leading us through this dark and dangerous world back to our Heavenly Father's open arms! I sustain them and I always will! I love this church and I'm doing all I can to tell everyone I can about it! :) I love you all!!

Love Elder Eastmond  

eww i hate orange ties...

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