Monday, November 2, 2015

First baptism

Family I LOVE YOU!!! How was halloween??? I realized that like all of you have asked me if there is halloween here and I keep forgeting to tell you. No there is not halloween here :'( They think that we are really weird for doing it...but if you think about it, it's a really weird holiday...hahaha but I"ve seriously missed it! It sounds like the house was SICK though! 

Well I'll just get down to the best stuff first, WE HAD A BAPTISM THIS SUNDAY! It was suuuuch an amazing experience! So we baptized sister Zime. She's a 21 year old and she has a little 1 year old that is soooo cute...okay the baby actually isn't little, it's like the fattest baby I've ever seen! Hahahahaha but anyways, I gave a talk on baptism and at the very end I started talking about my baptism and all these memories just came flooding back and I got all emotional and it was really cool! At my baptism I just remember looking down at my hands and It just looked like they were glowing and I just felt soooo clean. Like literally perfect :) So that was cool to give a talk! And then Elder Aygeman Baptized her and when she came out of the water she just couldn't stop smiling! the whole time she was just smiling! It was really really cool! :) And when she went to bare her testimony it was SO cool to hear her bare her testimony on things that we had the privilage of teaching her! It was just amazing to help a sheep back to the fold! :)

We've also been giving a lot of blessings this week because everyone has exams and exams are HUGE here. Like nothing compared to back home. Exams are literally everything here! Haha it's funny! So it's been really cool to give some blessings and see the peoples faith in them! :)

Something funny that happened this week is we were going to a house that we had tracked into earlier that week. But when we got there we saw this HUGE dog just sitting in front of the door and looking at us like we were a piece of meat...soooo we just left...hahahaha I'd rather not get raibies thank you.

Everyone really really likes to talk their native tounge of Zulu here so I'm really trying to learn some things! I have a Zulu Book of Mormon and I'm reading it side by side with my English one and trying to learn! Hahaha we;ll see how that goes! ;) Tandaza means prayer! hahaha

Basically this week has just been trying not to get hit by cars...hahaha first of all it's month end and that's when everyone gets paid sooooo everyone gets drunk and parties. Like literally all day and all night. Apparently Esikhawini is the place to be if you want to party hardy. And it's only gonna get worse...apparently December is just a CRAZY month here! cause it's christmas aaaand it's Summer everyone is just partying SO hard! They say almost everyone just takes the whole month off from work so that they can party! Hahahaha Cars will just be parked in the middle of the road or on peoples front yard and stuff! And when people are drunk they either love me or they hate me! I had one guy come like inches from my face and he was yelling something in Zulu but I could tell that he was asking why white people shoot black people and i was just like uuuuuuuhhhh but then he started just laughing and he hugged me and was like, I"m just kidding brother, this here is a place where we accept everyone! No matter what your color! hahaha sooo it's always entertaining here! :)

Oh and yesterday I heard a total of 4 literal gunshots. and one was from a car that was literally 20 yards away from me....hahahahahaha yas Esikhawini yaaassss

That's about it for this week! I love you all so much and I can't even tell you how much I appreciate the prayers and support that you guys are giving me! Thanks for everything! :)

Shap shap shap

Elder Eastmond

Ps. Everyone says Shap here for like What's up and goodbye here. So I'm totally hooked on that! Okay love you bye
This computer is also being bogus so I"ll send pics of the baptism next week!!


Again I didn't get a picture...but it was a giant blue and green and yellow metallic armored wasp that could curl up in a ball like an armadillo..I"m not lying it was in our chapel. I'll try to look it up to see what it is...definitely the most terrifying thing I've seen so far! 

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