Monday, November 9, 2015

Guenias, Pirates and Dead Bodies

Hey family! I love you all so much and I think about you every day! I was actually pretty homesick this week but that just means that I have a good home with people who love me! :)

So this week has been pretty slow going but still really really fun! :) Elder Aygeman showed me this thing called a Guenia. It's basically like a super scone! It's just a huuuuge ball of fried dough! It's amazing! And so good for you ;) You can buy them at like any tuck shop (which is just little shops that are EVERYWHERE) So I buy them all the time...I need to stop....Also the ice cream here is SO much better than it's so good.

So on wednesday the craziest thing happened....So we were walking past this school and there were all these people and cops everywhere. And we were like...wuuuut the we got closer and we saw this huge white tarp on the grass and I was like what is that. And then i saw a hand sticking out of it and I was like...oh my gosh that is a dead later we found out that these 2 kids had fought and a 14 year old stabbed and killed a 17 year's just SO crazy to see a dead that kid is now in the spirit world getting orientation.

On Saturday there was a HUGE soccer match against 2 south african teams, the Chiefs and the Pirates. (pirates are the best) and so no one wanted to meet with us...they just wanted to watch the game.

On Thursday we taught Tutugo. He's the one who is usually high when we teach him but he is doing better at that now and I actually challenged him to baptism and he said yes!! So we are shooting for the 22nd of December with him! :) That was really cool and I'm getting a lot better at listening to the spirit and being bold! It seems to be going well! :)

Transfers were this week but we are all just staying in the same place! 2 Elders just went home from our district though so we have some elders coming in to whitewash the area! Also one of the elders is brand new and he's from Idaho. I haven't met him yet, but it's nice to not be the new guy anymore! hahaha! 

On Sunday we watched Conference with The Branch FINALLY!! We just saw the sunday morning session which I already saw but it was still way good! :) Zime also was given the Gift of The Holy Ghost and that was really really cool! :) So all in all a really good week! :) I'm looking at this second transfer with high hopes! :) 

Love ya'll so much! :) As it's snowing and getting colder for you, it's getting hotter and more humid for me! Hahaha still not over that...

Love, The one and only Elder Eastmond (actually I'm not the one and only...there have been like...a ton before me...and a lot after me...and i'm sure that there are other Elder Eastmond's who aren't even related to me that are serving right now...but yeah...)


  1. Elder Eastmond - we love reading your posts. They are funny and legit and sometimes have sketchy stories (gun shots, dead bodies - haha). We love reading your testimony and hearing of conversions to the Gospel. Thank you for doing this blogspot. You are in the prayers of the Nielson family back in Lehi where life now seems very boring.

  2. This is Brigham Nielsons account, so that is why the picture is so cool.