Monday, November 16, 2015

Rain, rain go away

Heeeeyyyyy family!!! I love you!! And we all know that the Gender of the baby will be announced this Thursday so I just want to publicly state that it's a BOY. So that when I'm right, you will all know that I'm brilliant. ;) Okay now that that is out of the way, back to the normal schedule.

This week was WET! Honestly every single day has just been POURING RAIN! I found out what a real thunderstorm is...we will be driving at night and the sky just looks like fireworks. The lightning is craaaazy here! Suuuper loud! It's way cool! But rain makes it reaaaally hard to get to appointments! Especially cause we are in a walking area. It pours monkeys and elephants on us. (people don't say that here by the way I just wanted to say it hahahaha) So we sprint to a members house and wait out the rain! 

But we were able to have some good lessons despite the rain this week! :) Some of my favorite people to teach is the Sitole family! This is the single mother of 8 kids! 3 of them are getting baptized this Sunday along with Sister Sne!! So I'm suuuper pumped about that! :) They are the CUTEST kids of all time! :) When we show up they all just suround us and shake our hands and then they all grab a big huge blanket and sit on it while we teach them! :) Suuper cute! There is one kid and his name is the Zulu word for "Star" So I just call him star. He's 3 years old and him and me are just BEST friends! Every time we see eachother we both just light up and play with eachother! Hahaha he's waaaay to cute! Even during lessons sometimes Elder Aygeman will be talking and we'll just make faces at him and then all the kids laugh and then it takes all of us forever to get composed again! hahaha it's super funny! :) In fact teaching little kids have been some of my favorite moments! Like on Thursdays we always go over to the Buthelezis for a family home evening and dinner and there is this little 4 year old girl there who just loves me and she always sits on my lap during the lessons! Suuuper duper cute! :) 

This is the first week of a new transfer! There are 4 Elders that came to our zone! One is Elder Donney from america and Elder Odiambo and I think he's a south african! Both are really really cool! :) There is also Elder Gumbo and a Greenie from Idaho that are whitewashing and area together! Whitewash training sounds pretty crazy to me!! 

Something fun that we have been doing is having members teach us the missionary lessons. We pretend to be investigators and they have to teach us! It's been awesome and it's teaching them a lot I think! If you want to learn something, then go teach it. You'll learn so much! Hahaha but it's been fun cause now we get to ask OTHER people all the crazy questions that WE have to answer! We are really mean investigators! Hahaha! :) I had one member say that we would be thrust down to hell if you didn't repent! Hahahaha That was funny! :)

We saw some Dolphins at the Beach last PDay!!! I'll send some pictures! They were jumping out of the water! They are alway just so freaking happy! If I was an animal I would want to be a dolphin. Or a Raptor but that's not what we are talking about right a dolphin.

I ate spicy chicken that made me cry.

I miss snow so soso so bad. I heard christmas music today in the grocery store and it was talking about a sleigh ride and I don't think that people even understand what that means here. I took snow for granted. I love Snow.

I'm Eating Cadbury chocolate right now.

it's caramel filled.

I love you all and I'm praying for you! :):):)<3

Love Elder Eastmond

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