Tuesday, November 24, 2015

So this was another pretty rainy and slow week but it was good none the less!!! :)

I got my haircut by this MASSIVE guy from Ghana! He didn't take it easy on my head at all. He would just jab me so hard with the razor! hahaha but the haircut turned out pretty sweet so I'm happy ;)

We weren't actually able to have the baptism this week.... We needed to drain the nasty water out of the font with a pump but we weren't able to because the electricity has been out at our chapel for the past week... So we are going to try and fix the problem this week and have the baptism this sunday! If worse comes to worse than we are going to drain the WHOOOOLE thing with just buckets! That will be fun! ;) 

So Elder Aygeman has taken on the habit of making me laugh every single time I take a drink so I've spit juice out of my mouth in pretty much every lesson and once it went out my nose...not very nice of him huh?

One time we had to walk from one end of our area to the other so we started walking and the rain came down and the floods came up and by the time we got to the members house we looked like we had just gotten out of the shower...hahahahaha

This week during a lesson something hit me pretty hard. We were with this family called the Enzama family. They are in Port Dunford area not ours so we don't usually go there but they invited us over for sunday lunch. And we were just sitting there and laughing with them and having a great time and it just hit me so hard that that's the reason that I'm here. Like obviously we are here to teach of Christ and our church but it hit me that I'm also here to leave people a little bit happier than when we found them.! :) 

One of my favorite things that happened this week was on Thursday we decided to go around to a bunch of members houses and showed them a mormon message with Elder holland talking about the book of mormon. And it was such a humbling experience to hear all the the members testimonies about it. You can see that the book of mormon has truly changed their lives and they know without a doubt that it's true. It was just very humbling and it made me really happy! :)

I love you all so much and I'm praying for y'all! :)

Live long and prosper.

OOOOOh also we found out this week that on December 5th we are having a District conference and the saturday session is going to be held in our Chapel and there is an Apostle coming!! I don't know who but I'm really excited about that! :)

Okay I Love you bye!

Elder Eastmond <3 B)

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