Monday, October 3, 2016

Sept 5

Family. Friends. Associates. Colleagues.

Howzit Bruuuusssss????
Life is good here 10,000 miles away!
Starting to get suuuuuuuuuuuper duper hot.
Cockroaches are coming out in droves.
Elder Smith got Worms
I didn't get worms.
I hate cow liver...didn't know it was cow liver until after i ate it.  
ate at a first class restaurant.
Got put in a headlock.
Beat up guy who put me in a headlock
talked to a drunk guy who reeeaaallly wanted us to come inside his house...we didn't go.
played tag with kids...they won...literally i feel like an old man.
Played soccer, football, and soccer all in one week. Still feel like an old man.
Washed our car...okay other kids washed our car...
Wore an african head dress
ate bacon this morning.
found 2 more boys to teach
saw a cow being skinned
it was a huuuuge cow
taught a lesson in zulu/english

okay that one is actually pretty cool so we are teaching this guy named skibha (which is t-shirt in zulu) and he doesn't really know english so we were teaching him in like half zulu half english and  it surprises me how much zulu i actually know... like he would ask questions in zulu and most of the time i knew what he was trying to say! Reeeaaaallly cool! We hopefully should be having a baptism within the next 2 weeks. I'll update you on all of that next week when we get everything sorted out a little bit more! Buuuut yebo. It's been a really good week! We've been working super duper hard and i've felt the spirit like crazy! Church was really good this week! I always love fast and testimony meeting the most and listening to all of the members bear their testimonys! Really awesome! It's just sort have happened that this week we talked about the plan of salvation soooo many times but it's just made me realize how much i know that the plan of salvation is true and it's such a comfort to know that the friends and family that we have in this life are not just temporary but forever. We can live with everyone we love forever and ever because of the plan of salvation and because of the atonement of jesus christ! Just really cool stuff!

Okay i love you all so much! Have a shap (cool) week!

Elder Eastmond

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