Monday, October 3, 2016

August 29 

I've eaten sooo much chocolate today (cadbury of course) and i'm on an insane sugar rush right now and i can't even sit down for long periods of time so i keep just swiveling my chair and standing up and running around the hall and doing air punches and stuff. My companion probs thinks i'm NUTS.

This week has been awesome! OKAY STOP. Go look at the second picture above this. Be honest. Who looks like more of a man???

Awe me???? Thanks guys. Don't be hard on my new comp though he's really self concious about how small and weak he is.

Hahaha me and Elder Takau get along REALLLY well! Not as well as me and gumbo of course...cause i swear we were the same person! haha but i really like this guy! He's super nice and he's super talented at evreything in the world. That's not a lie. If you can say it, he can do it. Sports, music, academics, ANYTHING. 

We've had a looot of success this week! We have like 7 new potential people to teach and we set a goal for 6 baptisms this transfer! The one that i'm really excited about is Spo's mom! So spo was one of the awesome boys that we baptized awhile back and now he says that his mom is super interested and that would be sooo cool to help her become a member as well! So pray for us that we will be able to have success!

I took Elder Takau, smith and Mhlengi (i call him Clubber Lang) to the big waterfall today! It was way cool! I could live there. I'll send some awesome pictures.

So Elder Gumbo emailed me and he's HOME NOW. So crazy. And for any of you who know Leo Fuchs. He is serving in mozambique right now and Elder Gumbo met him!!! He sent me a picture! This world is sooooooooooo small!

We also had a funeral this week. A lady in the ladysmith branch passed away. I only met her once when we were giving her a blessing but  from the way that everyone talks about her she was a wonderful woman! But it was funny cause as the program was going on our branch president was trying to get our attention and elder Takau was the first one to see him so he went over there and Branch president asked him to speak. Hahahah he's literally been in this area for 4 days at this point! haha but he gave a really nice talk about the spirit world and celestial kingdom and all that stuff!

That's about all folks! 

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