Monday, October 17, 2016

Hallelujah Oct 10, 2016

My wonderful Freinds. My wonderful Family. I capitalized Friends and Family cause that's important you are to me. Actually let me start over.

My wonderful FRIENDS. My wonderful FAMILY.

My wonderful FRIENDS. My wonderful FAMILY.

There we go that's more like it.


Conference was just dandy doncha think??? I actually got to see all of it this week! Except priesthood session....did Elder Holland speak during priesthood session......???? Now i know why Mom would always get so mad when Holland spoke during priesthood session cause i just want to hear him speakkkk!!!!!

All of the talks were so so so good though! I heard so much about Repentance and the plan of salvation! It seems like they are really focusing on that! And those topics just go hand in hand! Literally the only way that the plan of happiness works is BECAUSE of the atonement and repentance! Pretty cool! I really like Elder Uchdorfs talk and obviously Elder Nelsons and okay honestly i liked all of them so i can't do this...but yeah. Awesome!

So i have set up camp in my new home. I am serving in Illovo. (ill-o-vew) It's like 30 minutes away from durban and our boarding is like right on the beach!!! So sick! every morning i just look out the window and watch the water. I love the beach way too much. My companion is elder Gehlbach. He's from california! He's a pretty quiet guy but when you get him talking he's suuuper duper funny! He's 3 months on mission and he's really good at teaching and we've had a lot of fun already. This area is a lot like Molweni (my second area) Just a small branch. An average of like 30 people come to church and we meet in a school. BUT i don't think that other church meet in this school like in molweni so that's a blessing. It's not easy to feel the spirit when you can hear "HALLELULIAHHHHHH!!!!" and drums banging ;)

But i think we can have some fun and do some good work here. Everyone seems to be really nice here on the streets and everyone says hi. 

That's about it for now buuuut I love you guys all so much!!!

In fact

I love you guys sooooooooooooooo much! <3 


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