Monday, October 3, 2016

Sept 12

i'm eating literally the chocolatiest cake in the entire world. Like if you think you've had a chocolaty cake before then you are lying to yourself because i just found the chocolatiest. That word is sooooo hard to spell.

But enough about my super healthy diet. HOW ARE YOU GUYS?????

I know you're good. Because i'm good. and life is good. And Heavenly Father is good. and this cake is good. So you much be good too!!!

 Last night we were driving by and we saw a toooon of kids down on a soccer pitch so we walked over there and were talking to them and then took pictures with them and it was one of the best things that i've ever done in my life and i just love kids so freaking much and they are so cuuuute.

This is my (Becky's) favorite picture so far!!!!!!

Also the next picture is of 4 extremely good looking trees. My favorite is the second one from the left but the one on the far right is pretty cool looking too.​

This week has been gnarley. We are teaching a boy named Sfundo and a boy named Skibha. They are both progressing really really well and they are both hopefully going to be baptized on the 25th of this month. There are also these two girls named Masabata and Mateau. they are younger and they are both sisters and we have taught them everything there were just some issues in the family and everything but i'm pretty sure that everything is worked out now and they are also going to be able to be baptized on the 25th which is awesooooommmmeeee. We are also teaching Sbo's mom but we haven't been able to see her for awhile cause she's super busy all the time but hopefully tomorrow we can see her.

On the 24th of this month it is heritage day basically like their 4th of july. so there is going to be this big activity at the chapel and some of the boys are showing us a zulu dance and not to blow my own whistle or anything but MAN I CAN DANCE ;) ;) ;) ;) hahaha but it's been super fun learning it and the boys are all sooo awesome in this branch. Like honestly they want to work with us every single day. this entire transfer we always have at least 2 boys in the back of our car with us everywhere we go! super awesome.

Still eating this chocolatiest cake

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