Monday, October 24, 2016

Hello Family, friends, and turtles.

Howzit bru's???

Okay so a lot of stuff happened this week but i just want to tell you about this lady that we met yesterday!

Her name is Nompilo

So we were at church, and after sacrament meeting we went to the gospel principles class and on my way there i saw Nompilo. I introduced myself and then told her to come into our class. I was teaching and we had a lesson on the word of wisdom. It was a really really good lesson. Honestly i hardly had to talk at all. Everyone was putting in their views and everything and Nompilo was saying a lot of good points! It was cool! So after the class we went up to her and asked her if we could come and visit her and tell her more about our church and everything. So we got her details and everything. Later we went to her house. She let us in and i asked who she stayed with and she told us her story. So in that house she used to stay with her husband and her two little girls. But she told us that on the 17th of this month her husband passed away unexpectedly.... Her girls were having a really hard time with it as well so they had to go stay with their now it's just her in that house and she's having a really really hard time. She was crying a little bit as she was talking to us but i was impressed with how strong she was being. She's such a sweet lady and she was so nice to us. She said that she hadn't gone to church ever since she was really really young and she though that now she really realized how important church and god was. She was telling us how important praying has become to her and she jsut keeps praying and praying. It was really really touching. So we told her a little bit about the plan of salvation and gave her a book of mormon and we are going to go over there and visit her a lot this week if we can! But please pray for Nompilo and her family as she is going through this hard time! That would be awesome :)

That was the biggest thing this week! But everything is going so well and i'm having the time of my life! thank you all for being the best family and friends and turtles i could ever ask for! :)


Elder Eastmond

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