Monday, February 22, 2016

Weathering weather

Hello my favorite family! You're my favorite family because you are my only family so that's why you're my favorite! :)

I just now decided that I am not going to fix any spelling errors in this email because I am soooo lazy. :) So get what you get and you don't throw a fit ;)

A lot of good stories this week! :)

So if you recall back to my last letter. I talked about a random little girl on the streets running up to me and head butting me and punching me maliciously. (i totaly knew how to spell maliciously without spellcheck so be proud) WELL I recently just had another experience with this same little hooligan. She was at church and as soon as she saw me she ran up to me. I braced myself for what I was sure to be another bone crushing head butt. But then she just gave me the biggest hug ever and she sat on my lap and for the entire 3 hour period of church she just followed me EVERYWHERE like a little puppy dog! Literally the entire time. And she cried when she had to leave I don't know what I did...but I guess it worked....?

hahaha So another story is about a lesson we taught to a less active family. So we went to this family with another Member Named Brother Ntkozo. We brought him because the father has a tough time speaking english. He mostly just wan'ts to speak zulu. So when we got there we just asked if they had any concerns or questions that they wanted to let us know about. So the baba (father) just starts going off in zulu for literally 20 minutes. And obviously i couldn't understand the words that he was saying but somehow I knew that he was talking about the whole language issue at church. Sure enough Ntkozo translated for us and told us that he's frustrated that They just speak english the whole time and everything like that. This is always a HUGE issue in the Zulu culture and it always gets me a bit rilled up...hahaha. But we were just about to start addressing his concerns when all of a sudden this HUGE crack of thunder shattered my ears and the lights went out...yeah lightning struck the finally we got the lights working again and then all of a sudden it struck AGAIN and the lights went out again!!! Lighting doesn't strike the same place twice??? HA LIES! I'm pretty sure that it was a lightning storm from hell and satan was trying to stop us from teaching this family! ;) I'm going to start keeping a counter for how many times lightning almost kills me on Mission. Hahaha but we just taught the rest of the lesson in the dark and I don't really know if it got through to them becuase there were jsut so many distractions! We will go back this week and we are going to try to help them remember how they felt during their baptism and see how that goes!

Lightning Attacks: 4 so far.

There are goats everywhere here. and cows.

This family bought a whole bucket of KFC wings and we all ate them in like 3 minutes...hahaha

Elder Waeni let some little girls put makeup all over his face...I'll send pics...they're horrible! hahaha!

We were driving one day and we saw a soccer pitch and the whole place was packed with people so we just went there and talked to some people and everytime that a team would score people went CRAZY!!! Like CRAZY CRAZY!! People were running onto the field and just jumping on eachother and doing backflips and honking their cars and throwing their drinks! hahaha it was just so much fun! I love soccer so much now! :)

I will now talk about my favorite lesson this week: So if you remember Sne, he was the less active that came back to church my first week here that bore his testimony and it was just really really cool! But now we are like best friends and he's getting interviewed to recieve the priesthood which is SO cool! But we went over and had a lesson about the oath and covenant of the priesthood and it just was a great lesson! The spirit was there and we were able to really talk about how important the priesthood is! So that was great! :) 

So for the last story of the day: Yesterday we had lunch at our branch presidents house. His family are the only white people in the branch. They live in this NICE NICE NICE NICE neighborhood. with huuuuge houses. So we went there and the table was set all nice and the forks were in the proper place and everything and I realized that I hadn't eaten a meal like that in FOREVER! I'm so used to just sitting on the couch all relaxed with your bowl of food and everyone is just loud and going crazy. So just sitting at the table all quiet, doing things the 'proper way' was horrible... I will never ever eat dinner at a table again ;)

That's about it for this week! I love you all so much! I'm sorry for the overload of photography BUT you know me, that's my life :) I LOVE YA!!! 

Stay sweet, stay safe, stay swell!

Love, +E*E+

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