Monday, February 22, 2016

In the heart of the jungle

Good morning good morning good morning!! I hope that you are all just staying swell! :)

Transfers went perfect! :) Again I'm really really sad to say goodbye to my first area and all of the people that I've just grown so deeply attached to buuuut the lord wants me in Molweni! So here I am! :)

My Companion is Elder Waeni! He's from Zim and he's a really cool guy! He likes to talk a lloooot so that's a good thing! 

The area is the prettiest place I've ever seen in my entire life. Pictures seem to not be working today but I'll try again next week. We live literally like in the mountains. And there is just jungle allll around us. When I thought of coming to africa, this was it. Every road is like driving through the canyon. and everywhere you look is a new spectacular view. If i'm ever to shoot a movie in South Africa, it will be here. But yeah it's just amazing. The roads are sooooo small though and the people like to drive really fast so those things normaly shouldn't go together! hahaha but it's super fun!

This week we've just been going around mostly to members houses and meeting with them so that I can get to know them! I love them already! We went to this one less active guy's house. His name is Sne. Yes I know there was a girl sne in my last area but this is a guy. His name is Sne. He's 18 years old and hes really cool. We just went over there and met him and just sat and laaughed with him for awhile! It was way fun. He was even asking us some stuff about marriage and stuff like that! pretty cool. But then on sunday he went up and he bore his testimony that he was having a really rough day that day and when he saw the missionaries coming he wasn't happy cause he thought that we were just going to come in and be so serious with him and stuff. But when we came in and just got to know him he really enjoyed it and he said it turned his whole day around! And elder Waeni has said that they never have been that close with him! So that was just really really cool! I have a strong testimony that sometimes the best missionary work is just getting to know somebody!

We meet for church in a school! It's actually really really nice! It's a lot cooler in here than in my last area so that's a huuuuge blessing! The branch is pretty small but everyone is way cool an seem like they really really want to work with us! Which is such a blessing! I'm so excited to be here! I think good things will happen! :)

I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for the love and support that you give me each and every day! :) 

Stay smart, stay safe, stay swell.

Elder Eastmond

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