Monday, October 12, 2015

Zwelli, Heat Wave and Machetes

Hello family!! You all sound so good so I'm happy about that! :) I'm really good as well! This week flew by super fast cause we are working soooo hard! I'm definitely getting lost in the work! :)

GEEEEEZ! That is so crazy that the house flooded!! That picture that dad sent me is freaking craaaazy!! I hope that everything is okay! For me I still feel like I'm at home because our washing machine sounds like it's gonna take off too!!! hahaha :)

A typical day for me is to wake up, shower, study, do training with my companion cause I'm still a noob, and then we eat lunch and head to the area. A ton of the work we do is with less active members. The branch can be pretty weak so we are just trying to strengthen it. But my favorite lessons are when we teach investigators! The guy that we challenged to baptism is named Zwelli! And I know that I probably shouldn't have a favorite investigator...hahaha but he is definitely my favorite investigator! He's a waaaaay cool guy! He's around 23 years old and he's friends with a less active member who is also 23 named thabani! I loooove teaching Zwelli cause he is just suuuper smart and he picks up on things so easily! I feel like I really connect with him really well too! And he came to church this Sunday which was like the highlight of my week!!! We scheduled him to get baptized on the 1st of November with another girl Called Sne! So I hope that those both work out! :) 

Something interesting that i've experienced is that we will be teaching people and they say that they don't believe what we are teaching, and then we ask if we can at least leave them with a prayer and they say yes and then they are like hey will you pray for me and help me get a job? And it's just interesting that they think that we aren't preaching the truth, yet they have faith that our prayers could help them...hahaha just kinda funny!!

So pretty sure that I'm gonna shave my head this week. This is the hottest place in the entire mission and we just found out thtat we are about to have a huuuuuge heat that's just great. Don't be suprised if you get pictures of me next week and I"m bald. 

So like I've said a lot, we have been working sooooooo hard! We worked a total of like 51 hours this week. An average for this mission is like 40. So we are killing it! One day we worked a 13 hour day! In the morning we got to help this Gogo (grandma) With her HUGE garden! She gave us machetes and I was just like, "ooooohhhh yeeeeeaaaahhhh" She had us ninja slice these huge bushes and it was so freaking sweet! Best gardening ever! I was better at it than Elder Aygeman cause my tennis muscles were helping me swing! ;) So for once I beat him at something! ;) He played soccer for university so he kicks my butt at biking and stuff....But geeeez we were tired that day! It feels good to work this hard! And we definitely got rewarded for all of the work on Sunday!

On Sunday we had 54 people there! Which is waaaay better than last week! The Chapel was almost completely full!! Of those people, 12 of them were less actives or investigators that we were working with! So that was seriously amazing! :) It's so good to get them to church! :) And I was just so stoked that Zwelli and Thabani were there! They both are just helping eachother out and it's been so neat to see how far that they have come! 

Fun fact: Did you know that Ether 12 says the word Faith 37 times???? I got a tiny book of mormon and I call it my Faith Book of Mormon. I go through and mark every single time it says the word faith and that chapter is just crazy! So yeah there's that.

We've been chased by a couple dogs but if you just step at them like you are going to fight them back then they run away so that's really cool. I haven't had to kick one yet! ;) 

So anyways I've just been good as ever! :) Thanks for all of your prayers and I hope that you can feel all of my prayers as well! :) I'm learning so much and It's amazing to be able to bring the gospel to other people. I've definitely taken this gospel for granted and I will never make that mistake again. It can change lives. The gospel can do anything. I have the biggest testimony of that! :) Love you all so much! :)

Love Elder Eastmond <3

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