Monday, October 5, 2015

First week in Esikahwini Oct. 5, 2015

Sweeeeeeet soccer field! These are all over.

This is my companion Elder Avgeman 

This was when Elder Pinkston crashed the Bakki into the garage...oh btw they call trucks Bakki's here so I will now be calling them that for the rest of my life! hahaha :)


This is probably my most favorite picture of all time! These guys are
always just outside our boarding 
and they always want to kick the 
basketball around and they kick my butt at soccer so that's cool!

This is Snyder the Spider. Pretty sure that he bit me the first night that
 I was here. But I don't kill him. He just chills in my room. Also he's the fastest spider
 I've ever seen and he jumps sooooo high! he's seriously like a pet. I see him in 
a new placeevery single day. I hope that my companion doesn't kill him! hahaha

This concludes another 'Bug of the Week'.

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