Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Hey my beautiful and wonderful family!! :) Lots of love from JOHANNESBURG SOUTH AFRICA!!! Seriously I'm so excited to be here and I can't even put it into words!

Did the title of my email scare you???? hahahahahaha well it really did happen.... 

So we took off from the Salt lake city airport and it was kind of a bumpy take off but everything was fine. While we were going up it started to rain. I didn't think much about it I just thought, "oh look, rain." so whilst we were ascending we had to go through this massive cloud. All of a sudden our plane gives this huge lurch, everything shuts off, the air, the lights, everything. And our plane starts to drop. Literally it was crazy. After probably like 7 seconds  everything comes back on and the plane starts to come up again... then the flight attendant comes over the speaker and is all flustered but says, "Hey so the pilots are kind of busy but we did in fact just get struck by lightning. Everything is okay and there is nothing to worry about!........yeah....our plane literally got struck by lightning....I honestly think that the only reason that I am alive right now is that there were like 10 elders on our plane. I think it's just a huuuuge sign that we were all meant to be here.

But we made it to the MTC fine! The flight didn't even feel that long! Most of the time I was sleeping and the rest of the time I was talking to this AWESOME south african lady that was sitting next to me! She told me soooo many cool things! And seriously, flying into Johannesburg airport and looking out the window and just thinking, "wow I'm in Africa" was the CRAAAAZIEST thing ever!

Also, I already had my first mission experience!! in all of our flight stuff we were given a pass a long card and I gave mine away! We were in the Atlanta airport and Elder Weiler, who I love by the way, needed to exchange his dollars for Rand. So we go to the currency exchange place and we are talking to the guy there and he was asking us why we were going to South Africa! And all of us just look at eachother and we are like, "here we gooooo" so Elder Weiler says, "we are going to preach the gospel of the LDS Church!" and the guy was like "how long are you going?" and we said, "2 years!" And his jaw just dropped! He thought that we were lying to him! and I said, "No seriously we are going to serve the people and teach them about our church! In fact, on this card you can learn all about our church if you are interested!" So I gave it to him and he was happy and he took it! Sooooo cool!! Anyways I hope that you are doing well! I'm excited to read all your letters! I wrote this before I even read anything cause I didn't know how much time I had! 

But my companion in the MTC is Elder Pinkston! He's a reaaaaal stickler for the rules so he'll keep me on track! I'll send pictures if I can! 

I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! Thanks for everything!



p.s. the A is capitalized because I'm bringing my A game.

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