Monday, March 21, 2016

Tracy, Pizza, Winter

Soubona family! :)

I love you guys. You should already know that but it's true and you can never forget that so i have to tell you every week! ;) 

This week was lekker! :)

So we were teaching Sister Smile (a recent convert) and the lesson was suuuuper powerful btw. We taught the plan of salvation again and just clariffied some of the questions that she had and talked about the temple and it's just so exciting that there is going to be a temple here in 3 years!! but anyways, at the end of lesson her friend and next door neighbor Nosipo came over and we met her and we are going to start teaching her! She has the cuuuuutest little baby in the world and we had a really great discussion about her and learned a lot about her so it went really well! Oh but we decided to call her Tracy because Elder Frederick doesn't like the name Nosipo and so we told her to pick another name and she picked Tracy! hahaha that was really funny :)

We had soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much pizza this week. Like i don't even know how it just so happened that we had it so much. so yeah. yum.


It's getting colder and rainier everyday and it's just hectic. For the first time since i've been here i turned on the car heater and the smell hit me and it just reminded me of home sooooooo much!!! It was crazy! I actually miss the snow soooo much.

 I just want to build a snowman. Come on lets go and play. I never see the snow no more come out the clouds, it's like it's gone awaaaaaayyyy. 

yeah I'm done with frozen music...i'm so sorry...

So we weren't able to see Lucas at all this week...That was really sad. I was really excited about him but hey it's life! He didn't come to church and we weren't able to see him cause he's gone seeing his father and he doesn't have a phone cause he smashed it so we have no idea when he is coming back...but just please continue to pray that he will be able to come to church! :)

During Church we were able to watch a roundtable discussion with some apostles about how to keep the Sabbath Day a delight and i just love that the church has been focusing on that so much! The sabbath day is just so so so important and i've definitely learned that on mission. We can teach a person all the lessons but if they never ever come to church and actually show god that they are willing to follow his commandments and come and worship him and keep the lords day holy, then they can never be baptized! I will be striving to make sure that I keep the sabbath day a delight and make sure that i'm not wasting the lords sacred day! :) GOOD BETTER BEST! :)

Also i'm stoked for Easter! It makes it suuper easy to talk to people about the Savior and the love that he has for us and the eternal sacrifice that he made for us! I love Him and I love this church so much and there is no place that i would rather be than right here in south africa preaching his gospel and bringing people closer to him so that they can live with their families forever. Just like i can! :) I love you all!!! Stay strong! Stay Sweet! Stay Swell! :)

Love Elder Eastmond

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