Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lesson, caves and monkey attacks


AMERICAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And i guess wherever else in the world you may be! 

I hope that you are all wonderful wonderful!!

I'm wonderful wonderful.

This week has been wonderful! 

Frederick is wonderful! We are getting along so well! This first week we just took him around to all of the members so he could just get to know everyone! It went really well! Everyone loves him. He's super out going and one of the funniest humans on this planet!! He's from Cape Town. He's 25 and has been a member his entire life. He's 18 months on mission and is the best teacher i've ever seen. He's very bold and says the things that need to be said. I'm going to learn so much from him! I'm so excited! 

We were able to Give someone a baptisimal date after being together for 1 day! That was awesome! His name is Lucas. He's 18. We've been teaching him awhile but he just didn't seem like he was that interested. Finally when we went with frederick he was suuuper interested the whole time. We taught the gospel of Jesus christ. Faith Repentance baptism holy ghost and enduring to the end. He really understood it. Then we challenged him to baptism the first week of april. he accepted and was really excited. The only problem is that he lives soooo far away from the church...and if he ccan't come to church then he can't be baptized. So please pray that we will be able to figure something out for him. That would be wonderful.

We had a wonderful opportunity to go and explore the jungle by our boarding! It was sooooo sick! our landlord had to take us down there cause he said that there are a TON of Black Mamba snakes down there! But it was absolutely beautiful! And wonderful. We went to a small cave down there and it was just awesome! Internet is bogus but I'll send some pics if I can. There were some freaaaaky bugs down there too. Eeish I hate bugs but we didn't see any snakes so that was good!

I also fed a monkey a piece of bread but then all of a sudden there were like 20 monkeys surrounding me and I felt like Jane in that scene in tarzan when all the baboons attack her. or in Hunger games 2 when the baboons attack them. There are a lot of monkey attacks in movies. But yeah. I ran away like a little girl before they could attack me.

I love you all and I just want you go never ever take this gospel for granted. It really really really does change peoples lives and it is the only way that we can find true happiness. Remember to smile and laugh as much as you can! :)

Love you all sooooo much! :)

Work Hard Play Harder

Love Elder Easy E. 

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