Monday, December 5, 2016


I feel cool speaking zulu now because elder Nielsen can't understand me! It's like when i was a little kid and my parents would spell things out so that i didn't know what they were saying! Wow it's fun to be a parent ;)

Yo i'm so tired. We are working like never before! I want to start of Elder Nielsens mission nicely so we are working like crazy! We found a lot of new people and things are going so well!

Elder Nielsen asks a loooooot of questions hahaha it's kinda funny. But i was probably the same way when i first came out so it's cool! But he's a really good kid and he's a hard worker so that's great. 

Update on Nolwazi's baby! Everything went fine and the baby is beautiful!! She's suuuper cute and she named her Anathi which means "god with us" so that's super cute. Eastmond would have been better but Anathi is a close second ;) 

We taught a guy that sounded exactly like Mike Tyson yesterday so that was cool! ;)

haha but he was acually a realllly nice guy and it's not easy to find men that are interested and lately we've been finding them like craaazzy so that's suuuper cool! 

Elder Merritt burned my leg with a match. That wasn't fun but it left a cool scare so yeah.

there is a family in the toti ward that owns a fish shop and they needed help moving to a bigger shop down the street so all of friday and saturday we helped them move huuuge tanks and shelves and the entire store and it was haaaard work! It was super fun though and that family is just hilarious so we had a really fun time. They love to yell in africaans so it's just a bunch of huuuge guys screaming at eachother in foreign languages and it was super funny. They had some craaaazy fish too. 

I've found that every single time i bear my testimony to someone, everytime i share the gospel and every time that i have to defend my faith, that my testimony grows like crazy! I'm so grateful to know the truth and to have the opportunity to share it with my brothers and sisters! :)

I really really really really really really really really really love all of you soooo much! :) Thanks for being the bestest human beings on this planet! :)

Anathi--not very fond of pix 

My friend Carl

A new family that we are teaching 

This is a very big snail

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