Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Friends, family, and penguins.    Nov 7, 2016


No one uses the phrase "what's up" hear so every time i say it people jsut get so confused and don't konw how to respond so i really really like doing it ;)

Nompilo is doing great! We were only able to see her once this week! She's been pretty busy! But we taught her about the restoration and it was a really good lesson. Her friend was there as well and her friend is a member so it was cool to have here bear her testimony as well! 

The coolest thing that happened this week was that we had stake conference. It had to be held in the Durban city hall because there were too many people to fit in a chapel. The city hall is HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEEEEEE! And it was soooo full! I'll send some pics. But there were soooo many people there and it was really really cool to see everyone. I saw some people from Esikhawini and from Ezakheni as well so that was pretty gnarly! 

All of the missionaries around the area came early and we stood outside the hall and sang hymns and handed out copies of the book of mormon and pass along cards and stuff and when we were singing people were filming us and taking pictures and it  was just a lot of fun...i usually don't like singing but we made it super fun! 

We went bowling last p day....i don't wanna brag or anything buuuut i won <3

I've just been having the time of my life lately and i've really come to know that every little effort that we make torwards spreading the gospel is so so critical. The small things matter sooo much and maybe we wont see anything happen all at once but i promise you that you will eventualy see miracles happen! I can promise that because i've seen it in my own life!

Thanks for everything family friends and penguins!

Until next week, stay chill <3

Elder Eastmond

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