Monday, January 11, 2016

Everything is Awesome!


This week has been wonderful! Festive season is actually starting to wear off and I feel like myself again! Last week was tough I'm not going to lie but things are now back to normal! :) 

I actually taught Lesson one this past week! I honestly can't even remember the last time that I taught lesson one! So it just felt sooooo good! :) The lady wasn't even that interested but I know that she will come along soon enough! She's a suuuper funny lady! I can't remember her name right now but she has 2 kids and the baby is so freaking funny!

We found this AMAZING family but they are going to Joburg for 3 months so i probably won't see them again...that was kinda sad! The gogo is a blind lady and she's sooo great! Then she has a daughter who has 2 kids who are just the funniest ever! one is 11 and talks sooooo much she is so funny! And another is just this little baby who was just soooo facinated by me! She wouldn't stop staring at me! ahhaha it was so funny! Probably cause I'm white! ;) 

So I saw Tanner Clegg! For those of you who don't know him he went to my school, he did film, and he is 1 grade above me. He's serving in Johannesburg. But we went to a funeral of an old lady named Sister Moloi and Elder Clegg was there! Apparently his companion is Elder Moloi and is the grandson to the lady that died. So they had to drive 8 hours from joburg to come to the funeral! But it was just SOOOO sweet to see him and talk to him for awhile! We took pics on his camera and he's going to email them to me so I'll send them! Always good to see an old friend from home though! ESPECIALLY in SOUTH AFRICA!! Small world!

Recently I've just been reading all of the talks from conference! We just got the liahona with all of them so it's been awesome to read them since we didn't get to see most of conference. I actually can't remember any of the talks as of this moment...or else I would share something but yeah... hahaha

Church attendance was AWESOME!! 72! Best it's ever been! But during Gospel Studies class all of a sudden out of nowhere a huuuuuge debate came up of languages. The Zulu culture is VERY prideful of their language so some people were arguing that it should be in all zulu and other people were saying that we should do english and it was just pretty crazy. It went on for like 20 minutes and I was kinda sick of it so I finally just stood up and walked in front of everyone and instantly everyone went silent because I am the only person in the whole branch that doesn't understand Zulu. So then I just sat there and bore my testimony so hard and told them that the holy ghost doesn't speak zulu or english but it speaks to our hearts and i just went on for like 5 minutes and then I sat down and it shut everyone up...ahahahah but that was probably one of the most spiritual moments that I've had on my mission. The spirit was just so strong there! It was awesome! :)

I love you guys all sooooo very much! Thanks for all of the prayers and support. Be sure to like and retweet this email ;)

Love Elder Eastmond

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