Monday, January 18, 2016

Elephant flu

So the christmas package just got here!!! Thank you all so much for your letters and all of the amazing presents! I loved them so so much! :)

Eeish this week has been HECTIC!! I'm still happy though because it's literally impossible to be sad when you are surrounded by Africans 24/7. I'll say is now and I'll say it again, these people know how to LIVE! But yeah I've been suuuuper duper sick this entire week. I think it's the Elephant flu! ;) But yeah on Wednesday as soon as we went to the area I just started feeling suuuper light headed and frrreeeezing even though it was like 90 degrees that was pretty crazy. On thursday was supposed to do exchanges with the zone leaders but i was suuuper duper sick so we just had to sit in the boarding the entire daaaayyyyyy.... which is such a drag. I just want to be out there working now sitting at home. But there are some sweeeet medicines here that work miracles and I'm feeling a whoooole lot better now. But yeah...there wasn't that many lessons or experiences that happened this week cause i was just taking it easy trying to get better!

Also, lightning struck our electric fence and now our power is being suuper crazy and shutting off and stuff, also our zone got in a total of 3 car accidents in the past 2 weeks.. none of which I was that's good :) and everyone is okay... so that's good :)

We got to go to another game park this morning!! It was waaaayyy better than last time! We saw giraffes, soooo many elephants including baby elephants, hyenas which is suuper duper rare, and what's even more rare, WE SAW A CHEETAH which for those of you who don't konw is my favorite animal in the entire world. Still haven't seen a lion but Cheetahs are way cooler anyways ;)

Sooo yeah that's honestly my week..I'm sorry that this isn't longer but not much happened... hahaha


Love Elder Eastmond :D

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