Monday, July 18, 2016

Thursday the 14th July 18, 2016

Well it's a beautiful monday morning as the famous Elder Eastmond steps up to line up the shot. If he makes this penalty kick his mission will be the best mission in the whole world....he doesn't look nervous at he goes....kicks....GOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLLLLLL THE SADM IS THE BEST MISSION IN THE WHOLE WORLDDDDDDD!!!!!!
                                                                              _a short autobiography by elder eastmond

You like that???? Good story eh???/ i'm thinking about being a writer ;)

So this week was craaazzzzyyyy. I don't know why i keep saying that. Every week is always super fun and crazy so it should just be a given now.

So you've all heard of friday the 13th....but did you know that there is a day that is even more cursed that than that??? neither did i until Thursday the 14th this week...

So this is how the day went. I woke up. I was already kinda grumpy, i don't know why but mornings are not good for me...never have been...hahaha but i wake up and i'm soooo ready to take a nnniiiiccceee lllooonnnng shower....aaaannnnd there is not we call the mission office and ask them to find out what's going on and then they call us back and tell us taht there is a drought so ladysmith is conserving water.....wonderful. it's not like we use water for cooking, ironing, cleaning dishes, clothes head shoulders knees and toes, brushing teeth combing hair or anything else like that.... So the day started off soooo nice. And then for lunch i was making a PERFECT fried egg. And right when i was taking it off the broke and the yoke went everywhere. Nice. So as we were driving to the area (with a lot of deoderant on our bodies and half an egg in my belly) I realized that we needed to fill up the Bakki with fuel. So we go to the garage and he in SA you don't fill up your own car. There are people who do it for you. So i told the guy twice taht the bakki needed Diesel fuel. But he was too busy with the fact that i was from america and didn't speak africans so he grabbed the normal petrol nozzle and filled up our entire tank with normal petrol...he noticed riiiight at the very end...nice. so he called his manager and if i turned on the car then the car would be finished so we just pushed it off to the side and we sat there and waited for a tow truck to come. The truck came and towed us to this other garage where they drained out all of the fuel. All of this took like 3 hours. Nice. So from now on, watch out for thursday the 14th's hahahaha but it was one of those days where so much is going wrong, instead of being upset you just laugh about everything...hahaha me and elder gumbo were just laughing allll day so it was way funny!

Also we had district conference so the mission president came down to our branch and also an area 70 came! I can't remember his name but he was from the Congo and he gave a talk in french and President Thompson went to france on his mission and so he was able to translate for him! So cool. And let me tell you, french, especially west african french, is soooooooooooo pretty! Such an awesome language! But he gave an amazing talk about trials. and he talked about building our house upon the rock or upon the sand and he said that the rain, or trials, falls the same amount on both houses. It does'nt fall more on one or the other but it falls the same. The only difference is where the houses are standing. If it's standing on the sand, then the trials are going to be too much for the house and the house will fall, but if it's standing on the rock then it will never ever fall. So that was really cool! In fact this whole week for me has seemed to be about trials i just noticed...hahaha almost every spiritual thought that i've given has been about trials and why bad things happen to good people and stuff so that's kinda cool! But this week i challenge you to look where you have your house built. If you think it's more built on the sand, take small steps to shift it over to the rock. Lifes can't be changed all at once but the little things are really what makes a big difference in the end. Pray and read your scriptures every,single,day. It will help i promise! I love you all so much! I woudn't be here without every single one of you. I love it here and i know this is whre i'm supposed to be right now! 


Elder Eastmond

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