Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Helloooo family! :) How is your December going?? :) Tyler and Mandy felt the baby kick so that is EXCITING! I still think that it's a boy ;) Devin is still rocking sax, the family STILL hasn't gotten those cookies from the Davies ;) hahaha

As promised, here is the story of the baptismal font:

Soooo we get there and look at the water and you literally couldn't see the bottom it was so dirty. Like green dirty.... So luckily this time we had a pump so we threw that in the water and turned it on but as elder aygeman was lowering it into the water the hose came off and spit nasty green water all over him! Hahaha so I had to yank the cord and pull the pump out of the water! Once we fixed the hose we drained the font and cleaned it with mops and soap. Btw we are in sunday clothes this entire time...hahaha! So after that we drained the soapy water and we needed to fill it back up with water. So we went over to the hose but the hose wasn't connected to the we tried to jam the hose on the faucet but it wasnt fitting. Someone had taken the piece that connects them together..... so I took our car keys and I cut the top of the hose a little bit so it was able to strech of the faucet but when we would turn on the water it would just fall then we found 2 plastic bags and tied the hose to the faucet and FINALLY we were able to fill up the font again! So last time it took like 5 hours to fill up the font so we just left the hose running and went to a couple appointments. We went back after like 3 hours and the water was already overflowing...hahaha so we had to get buckets and slowly empty the water to the level that we wanted it at! Satan really didn't want that baptism to happen! ;)

Last week was just pretty normal! We had district conference on Saturday and Sunday and President wanted some other elders from durban to attend so at one point we had 8 elders all staying in the same can imagine how crazy that was! :) District conference was great though and I learned soooo much! :)

Soooo the big news this week is that this transfer was shortened a week due to christmas stuff and yadda yadda yadda so I'm staying here in Esikhawini and my next Companion is going to be Elder Chitate. He's from Zimbabwe and I've talked with him before. He seemed like a waaaay cool guy so I'm stoked! Elder Aygeman is going to Pinetown to be with another Ghanian Elder! He's way pumped about that! :) All in all good news! I'm sad to say goodbye to Aygeman because he's been such a good teacher and we have so much fun together but I'm excited to get a new companion and see what happens there! :)

Teaching and finding has become harder and harder as we get closer to the Christmas season. Everyone is either out of town or partying so it's pretty hard. In fact we only have one investigator right now and we haven't been able to see him for awhile. His name is Nthutuko. We tracted into him a while back and we've taught him 4 lessons. The first 2 lessons he was just TOTALY high....So we are going to go back through all of the lessons and see what happens. Awhile ago I actually challenged him to baptizm and he accepted but then we didn't see him foreeever so we have to go back to the drawing board on him!

Mostly we are just meeting with the members and sharing little messages with them to uplift them and help them think about Jesus during the Christmas season!

There are a lot of families so I'll tell you about some of them!

So my favorite family ever is the Modlanis. There is Ma Modlani and then her Son Thabani with his Wife Amanda, Thabanis little brother Mandy and Thabani's daughter Abo. They love missionaries and love to play games with us and have family home evenings. A lot of the time we have them teach us so that they can get used to sharing the gospel! This week they are actually all taking a trip to the Joburg temple to be sealed! They are soooo excited and we've just had a ton of lessons about the temple!!

Another Family is the Butelezi Family! I LOVE THIS FAMILY! They are all just so crazy and we all just make fun of eachother and have the best conversations. Last week Elder Aygeman had a dance battle with one of the daughters and it was just the funniest thing ever. So there is The Grandma who is the best woman ever and then there are just a TON of family members. There is someone new there every sinlge time that we go over there! Haha it's pretty fun! This is actually the family that Sister Sne belongs to that we baptized 2 weeks ago! They feed us every thursday and it always AMAZING! :) 

Those are just some of the families that I've gotten to know really well! It's always a delight to teach them! :) 

Tomorrow we will be driving down to Durban to pick up my new companion and Drop off Elder Aygeman! Hopefully everything goes just swell! :)

I love you all and I'm so grateful for your prayers and all of your support! Families can be together forever! <3

Kay Love you Bye!

Elder Eastmond

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